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Phobias :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 3 12 More Bendy Doodles :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 3 12 Bendy Doodles :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 6 12 Raccoon Reference! :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 1 2 Sushi! :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 1 11 Enigmew School Doodles :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 3 11 Fantasy Raccoon :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 2 1 Boing :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 2 3 Echooooo also :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 2 3 Echoooooo :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 5 1 Umbra :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 3 1 Pastel! :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 3 6 Coon :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 2 6 School Doodleee :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 5 0 Whoops, Fire :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 2 0 The Sequel :iconenigmamewzoroark:EnigmaMewZoroark 0 2



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Hiya! I'm Enigma, or you could call me Mew, or even Ry, but I typically just call myself Enigma! I came here from the Wings of Fire Fanon wikia, where I created characters of the WoF universe, write the occasional fan fiction, and upload art! So I'll post art here and hopefully get better! My link brings you to my profile page on the wikia, where you can read more about me, and possibly see the characters I'll upload pictures of! Glad to see everything I'll get up to on this website! Until then, thanks for stopping by my page!

My icon was created by the AMAZING supermarblesoda thank you so much!!!


"Ever been so scared of the dark that you're afraid to close your eyes?" -me
I drew this sorta vent doodle last night with Bendy when I should have been sleepingggg
I should be doing homework but I was really kinda proud of this so I decided to post this instead of doing my homework d('u'd)

Art (c) me
Bendy (c) theMeatly 
More Bendy Doodles
Hey, more Bendy doodles to proooove I'm alive
I'm literally obsessed with these characters, helppppp
Sorry again for the lighting and pencil marks alkdsjfldsak
Bendy Doodles
I'm not dEAaaaaaaaad
Posting these because why nottt?
I love the game Bendy and the Ink Machine sooooo much already, these characters are so much fun to drawwww!
Sorry for the bad lighting and weird pencil marks/smears omfsss
Raccoon Reference!… Heeere's her page on the wiki.
Here's my Wings of Fire dragonsona, I decided to put her reference on DA just because! She's a SandWing/IceWing/MudWing tribrid with a frill and a floppy ear and I love her.
Art and character belong to me, thanks!
I made another sona/character!!

It's a crusty (a crab dragon) named Sushi and she's slightly based off of one of my old hermit crabs! (His name was Crustle and he's in the center of the pictures.) She has a swirly shell (that can be drawn with any colors or patterns, she paints her own shell) and  has claws on her whyvern-ish wings, little t-rexish arms and four hind legs on either side because why not? Sushi also has little crab whiskers omfs

A quick description of her would be:
Pretty introverted, unless with her friends, easily surprised/startled, creative, tries to be compassionate, also likes being lazy (and just sleeping in her shell sometimes, beacuse why nottt), and this is her theme song…;

Character/Art/Crab (c) mine, thanks :D

I might make a journal about crusties if anyone wants to make them! I thought they'd be a cute idea for OCs!
supermarblesoda told me to do this so I comment and I'll 
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds. 

2. Tell you a colour you remind me of. 
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.). 
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art. 
7. Give you a nickname. 
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now. 
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of. 
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.


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Thank you so much for the watch :la:
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No problem!! I really like your art! And thank you so much for the llama badge!
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YOU'RE WELCOMEEEE it looks cute now oh my goshhhh
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It's so darn cute omfs thank you so mUCh
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Roraima99 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! 
EnigmaMewZoroark Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! I just really want to see more amazing art of yours xD
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Thanks for the watch! ^^
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